The Best Revenge


  At some point in your life, somebody will do something to offend or disrespect you. If you’ve never experienced this…just keep on living. We can’t always control what happens to us, but we do have the ability to control how we respond. I personally used to be a very VINDICTIVE person if somebody would cross the line. This gradually … Read More

Eye Candy


  I’m all about being Fit, Healthy & Sexy, but not when we put more emphasis on our Physical Attributes than our Soul and Spiritual inner man. Unfortunately, in today’s society we’re esteemed more by the way we look.  Social Media and best picture cropping…brings out a beyond glamorous appeal for those with great looks, big boobs, tight butts & … Read More

God FIRST….Not Material Things


     MATERIAL THINGS are good, but if left unchecked….these EARTHLY GAINS can develop a false sense of security, arrogance & pride if you put them in the wrong perspective (before God). When we SEEK these things more than God who is the BLESSER Himself…our priorities are basically out of order (wrong) and there won’t be much attention given to … Read More

Hopeless Situation


There is no such thing for a Child of God “Rooted” in Jesus Christ to live in a hopeless state of mind! We ALL experience pain, hurts, sufferings, confusion & challenges. However, if you don’t see a way out of these circumstances it’s because you are focused on SELF rather than on the ANCHOR of your soul who won’t let … Read More

DOUBT Removal


After Jesus was CRUCIFIED…I’m quite certain His disciples had doubt and unbelief that He was Our Savior despite them witnessing miracles/healings daily.  John The Baptist also doubted Jesus The King after he was put in prison despite witnessing the TRINITY at work (Jesus The Son coming to him for Baptism, the Dove (emblem of the Holy Spirit) landing on Jesus … Read More

Nothing Without Him


Today I woke up contemplating on my life and how BLESSED I am despite everything NOT going as I’ve wished.  I thank God for my God connection, my health and my parents who aren’t perfect by no means, but who raised me in the ways of the Lord.  I’m eternally grateful to them for this.  Watching how they sacrificed themselves for … Read More

Growing In Love


Most people (including me at one point) live life with a mindset of “falling in love” rather than “growing in love”. They get married and go on their Honeymoon, but what happens when the HONEY has left the MOON? We focus so much on the “WOW EXPLOSIONS” that later are not all there…while dismissing marrying someone who’s aligned to our … Read More

Plan & DO Your 2015 Year


    Nobody ever wrote down a plan to be Broke, Fat, Lazy, Addicted or Stupid. These things happen when we don’t have a PLAN (Goal) or a PURPOSE. Examine yourself and get rid of some things that have your mind all jacked-up & disorganized. Don’t bring that “old stuff” into the New Year.  You cannot go into a NEW … Read More

Is Being Happy the Goal of Marriage?


Is being “HAPPY” the goal of a marriage (God’s way Man & Woman)? Many people blurt out stuff like “I just want to be happy or I’m happy in my marriage”. The answer is “NO”…happiness is NOT the goal of a marriage; though obviously we desire an enjoyable one. The goal of marriage is Ministry; to glorify Christ in your … Read More

Abortion Guilt Relief


Many these days are privately carrying the GUILT of their past selfish decision to abort their child.  Some days they don’t think about it and other days they are overwhelmed in a good cry because the suffering in their soul still exists.  Though many times you have wondered: “What in the world was I thinking of? or “How stupid of … Read More